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Sunday, April 15, 2007



last summer, Scandaliz Vandalistz attempted, and some would say succeeded, in writing a new song after we recorded our album. it's based on a true story-- back in the day, before she was famous, madonna used to go to lots of parties in new york and ask to join everyone's band. she happened to ask my aunt's best friend if she could join their band and they totally said no.... mostly because their band just sat around and played music in a closet. sooooo my sister, cadet morgan rosebud, wrote a poem/song about it, which we borrowed, adapted, and added to, and the result was our song "little brains" which turned out to be a really great song played live.... we never got any real recordings made of it, but i've recently discovered that we used my laptop during some practices, so there's a couple really early versions floating around on my computer. today i've decided to share them and i hope you enjoy.... please keep in mind that we were still in the process of writing the song at this point, and that it sounds crappy because it's recorded from a laptop microphone.
Little Brains with just vocals and guitar

Little Brains with the full band

Madonna! you can’t be in our closet band! cuz!
We’re in a closet in a closet in a closet...
Hey Madonna! you suck! you suck!
We don’t need your fashion show!
We don’t fit in the places you go!
Madonna asked if she could be in our band
and we said NO! cuz!
We’re in a closet...
we’re a closet...

We’ve made a world in here
We’ve got plenty to wear
Sick and Tired of breathing bad air
Needing a change in the atmosphere
We hide away in a place that’s small
but there’s no wiggle room, so it makes us feel tall
a tiny space filled with tiny kids
our brains are little, but our thoughts are big
so so so so so big!

In here! our minds are free!
Floating around with the dust bunnies
in the closet...
We learned your rules
and now we’re done with them!
we don’t want a part in your pretension
necessity is the mother of invention
we put ourselves away,
it’s dark in time of day
in here it’s like another dimension
but it’s a closet...
life in closet...


(It’s a small world after all)

No tune! we’ve broken all our strings
No room! this place is shrinking
the good air’s all gone
maybe we were wrong
about the closet...
obsessed with a life of prevention
now closet is the necessity of invention
the sun is brighter than this little light bulb
and we’ve started to forget what we’re missing

we’re in a closet
and we’ve lost it
we’re in a closet
and we've lost it
we’re coming out of it!

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what a great song!
i know!
"tags: punk rock"

it makes me sad that we never covered this. and i never heard it on the tour. and it's not on the album. and madonna will (probably)never hear it. cry. cry. cry.

we should have a ttt/sv reunion split. for all of our forgotten tunes. and some unwritten ones.
the full band one gives me chills. punk. rock.
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