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Monday, April 02, 2007


Ode to One of Us

As I Sit in my Bright Room;
Listening to the components that make me thinking of you,
reflecting your eclectic personality.
Everybody tries to catch you,
But you always manage to escape, giving them the jailed fate instead.
As you move along my hands,
that feeling freely runs,
Like a horse in the prairie,
along my naked body.
There you keep moving,
your route and eating
smaller water creatures, as if their lives were not important enough to you
and not worth of living for that.
And they probably are ultimately not.
If she wants me,
we'll be
the sleepyheads,
but i will choose to be the craziest clock
(that)Likes to float around the galaxy that (she) is,
playing with the marbles she owns,
and thinking about what such whole universe means to me:
Infinite stacks of stars,
Floating lonely space cowboys,
On one side.
On the Other side.
To You,

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"Spring, / Infinite stacks of stars," lovely language here... and what a universe it is!
i like the "sleepyheads" image. and i can't tell WHO it's about!
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