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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Polyrhythms and lyrics and stagnation of musical inspiration

I play everything. I had 4 songs i was working on at once and this one just happened to be the lucky one to actually get finished. The other ones are being neglected as punishment for their lack of appeal to me personally. As always, the title is meaningless.

Thinking About Thinking (Blues)

Also, if anyone lives in memphis and is interested in writing songs (clarification: i dont want to just "jam". i have enough musician friends who can sit down and play by ear and make some free-jazz cacophony. but i want to sit and talk about music, preferably with someone who knows more than me, and come up with something worthwhile) I can play drums and bass amateurishly, guitar somewhat adeptly, and anything on piano as long as i rehearse it a bit. I have a room stocked with instruments for at least the next two months when my roomate moves out, at which point i will probably only legitimately possess a 100$ gibson epiphone acoustic guitar.

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i do declare: this song is awesome. more!
this is great.
i especially like the xylophone part.
and i like the line about cleaning your nails with pencil lead. i do that all the time, and it only makes things worse.
and the guitar solo is great too.
yeah... this is awesome.

it has an undeniable *groove* to it. it just flows and glides and surfs and flies through the sky.

i want to play music with you! i'll be home in the summer for all of may, june, july, and maybe a week or so into august.
i wanna play too! ill be around starting the endish of may. till september
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