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Friday, April 27, 2007


skateboarding is art. right?

This is from a 2 AM session we had at the Burton snowboard factory this past summer. It was pretty dark...hopefully you can see what's going on. It looks better bigger. Damn file size limitations!

*If you save this to your desktop and then remove the .txt from the file name you should be able to view the file in quicktime or itunes. I'm sorry, I know this is inconvenient and I am trying to find a way around it.

*Any of you kids use FireFox? If so, this application is pretty smart and knows what to do with the file.



I want to be that crazed octopus.
Me too! I tried various techniques and was unsuccessful. Alcohol was least effective. Maybe this summer?
that was some pretty awesome stuff, dude. looked like a hell of a lot of fun. im a little scared of quarter and half pipes now since i broke my foot on one in december. i want to get back on a skateboard but i think my foot is still weak (i broke it again in late february).
i know the feeling. I broke my foot a few years ago on a handrail. I ended up having three pins sticking out of my foot and they became infected. Sucked! Sounds like you should give it at least another month.
ahaha good luck becoming the octopus... a worthy goal.
who does the music in this video? very familiar.
i am wondering if i should classify this kind of art as Film, since the most impressive artistry in the video is the skateboarding. hm. let me know if you have any thoughts on this.
I can't remember the name of the song but its by Architecture in Helsinki. Maybe the Art Party needs a performance art category and this could fall into that? Bad idea? It might be a sort of lone ranger if you know what I mean? Unless you were to post some TRASH TRASH TRASH performing LIVE?
that's actually a good idea. i would love to get some DANCE stuff up on this site too... which i was intending to stick into the Motion section along with film. yeah, i'll do that. woooo.
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