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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Lyrics / Cut-Ups

we surprised our resources
we found the course
we changed the river shape
so our grapes busted
so our handlebars rusted

country living in simple english
the punk kids stole the pink sun gulf coast
our bikes stabbed the lifeless
into midnight zombie street revolts

all awake all thinking
all aware brains spinning
brains spinning all aware
cocaine drove us home through the typhoon nightmare

if you squint toward the inspired
you'll see our blood in their wires
our internet daydream movement
set those machines on fire

the grass island the tunnel light
paradise postcards define our nights


this is brilliance. i almost want it to be longer. the images are great... but i don't know how i feel about the cocaine line. why?
did you get to record this one? if so, i can't wait till you post it.
you should probably write the art party theme song now.
yeah we recorded this one and two others last night. since the lyrics are based on cut-ups the themes bleed into each song in different quantities. cocaine does seem isolated here, but it's surrounded by images of whiskey and the like.

drugs are a part of our lives. i'm assuming that when the revolution starts (soon soon soon) they're probably not going away.

mark is supposively adding bass, guitar, and possibly some drum machine beats to the vocals asap so hopefully i'll have something more substantial to post in the coming weeks . . .
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