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Monday, July 02, 2007


a song

i dont like writing lyrics. syncing up shit in audacity has become a huge bitch. im finding that i enjoy piano more than other instruments, and that playing lead guitar is just fucking hard.

Heaven's Satellites


hey man, does it happen to you too with audacity that you cant sync shit well? like, if you overdub something it will eventually lag and be out-of-tempo. it just enrages me. any suggestions? other programs? thanx.
yes it happens to me all the time. ive been told its a sound card issue. i use an Audigy external sound card, its a little black box that plugs into the back of my computer. but i dont have the most current drivers for it and according to my tech friend that is 'the sole cause of lag'. i usually record things one verse at a time and manually sync it up. or tap my foot with the chordal instrument track so that i have sort of a reference metronome for all the other tracks. also... you could do the same thing with audacity's click track (which is a metronome) and then remove it after youve layered all the other tracks.
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