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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


did I tell you about my time traveling friend?

Linda McCartney took the one on your left. I took a re-enactment on the right.

Tommy "2012"

I don't think I understand. You just felt like doing a re-enactment? This was an assignment? Great job with the pose+choosing models. I like both images. I wonder how yours would look with grain?
Oh, if you look at the guy (Magic Alex) who has his hands on their heads, that is not the same guy.
It was really an inside joke with it.
I understood that it wasn't the same guy. haha. I thought maybe there was more to it than that. I like the fact that you would go through so much trouble for an inside joke.
i really dig stuff like this. your head is just so chock-full of concept photography that i am just époustouflé.
Thanks! I don't know what you mean.
i meant that i usually take photos of things i find or experience, rarely even asking someone to look here, or smile. you on the other hand have a knack for visualizing interesting concepts and then realizing them irrrrll then taking photographs and recording those ideas that were once in your head.
It was something my friend, Bill saw and thought, wow! I'm a time traveler. So we all looked at it (my book of all things I would have noticed) and got excited over it. At the time, I actually wanted to do so other no-nperformance photos, after a while, the same angle gets old. So I'm experimenting again with double exposure and fisheye lens.
The portrait was intentional to copy the whole original and add a hilarity to it to have people look, "Oh, shit! They really look alike!"
I think Christy said something along the lines. Ok, orientation in six hours. SLEEP
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