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Friday, August 10, 2007


Horses and Horns

Most of these drawings are of unicorns, but I think there's one lonely horse thrown into the mix.

I drew this as yet another tattoo idea, but because of its subject matter didn't put it into
the tattoo post.

Drew this while waiting to take some standardized test back in high school I think.
The front legs are so much bigger because of the way the camera was angled.. at least
that's my story.

A disgruntled unicorn.

The lonely horse.

A rather stocky unicorn with a pregnant faerie to match.

I got happy with the markers this day. Another product of high school boredom.

Did this one at the Memphis College of Art Pre-College of summer 2005. Not in any class, but just during my down time. Everyone there drew during their down time. It was like a
competition, man.

That's all.

people that spend their time drawing horses are interesting. i have known two. but have very intriguing similarities as well as differences, and i have valued both as great friends. maybe if i got to know people better i'd discover more people like to draw horses? probably not. they're beautiful animals.

i really like how the second flows, the third with the wisdom (or is that just ennui?) in its eyes as well as the accompanying text, but there's something to be said about sketches like four, and i've never seen a pregnant faerie, but i love rainbow manes.

i'm sorry all of these flake artists are on summer vacation from commenting. i know a bunch of people are always watching though.
these make me so pleased! the pregnant faery and her friend are beautiful. wonderful.
you both warm my heart. thank you. never will there come a day where i am not enamoured of drawing a horsey.
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