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Friday, August 31, 2007



Its been awhile, dear art party. Here is my newest tat and the cardboard vegetable garden in my room. Cadet Brock, Cadet Katherine and I made the corn together. I made the carrot and grass/flower.

This is a stargazer lily and I got it as a 20th birthday present to myself. This is my favorite flower from my 2 week stint working at a flower shop. They are so beautiful and smell so fresh.

Here is the LIFE CYCLE OF CORN as interpreted by us. Cardboard and acrylic paint.

Close up of the popped kernels, with white watercolor, yellow acrylic, and gold glitter glue.

Carrot! With finger paints from the dollar store and leftover acrylic.

And finally the beginnings of a garden above my bed. There are plans to include birds and a hanging sky. Also cardboard and acrylic paint.

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looks beautiful. the popcorn might be my favorite feature. your garden needs more! and more and more and more!
i am totally digging on the cornnns.

goob ideas.
do you know how much this makes me miss you all? i bet it is beautiful to live in that room.
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