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Sunday, August 05, 2007



Group Number Two, tattoos. Tattoo flash doodles, one of my three current tattoos, etc. Enjoy and be inspired... or ignore.

Mmmm, I love black and grey crayons... and markers :)

((did that one while i was supposed to be working..for money))

Geisha face, sakura branch, and the kanji for 'singer' if I'm not much mistaken.
I thought it might look nice on my side or something...
I like the idea of that picture redrawn without the cards.. I just like the
idea of the vines around the heart.. someone should get that done. I already
have a heart tattoo, and I don't particularly want a heart theme in my body art.

My heartagram tattoo..

Someday I will make an entire lady out of music symbols and call her the Muse-ician.
She will be the inspiration to musicians everywhere. But until then, I think a bust will do.
This is my next planned tattoo, to represent The White Stripes. I drew that all on MS Paint. I think I'm going to get it on my lower abdomen, in between my hip bones. That seems like a sexy place to put some peppermints.

For all the Scorpios...

For all the fighters...

And finally, for those long distance loves, until they can be reunited.
Could be redrawn for two men, two women, whoever. It's the idea.
Thanks for paying attention!

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the peppermints are a beautiful design. very sexy.
muchos gracias.
yeah, this may be the sexiest art party post so far, even more so than the sexy party by cadet tommy. maybe.

i suspecially love the muse-ician. it reminds me of how, in japan they will use one of their syllabaries to draw pictures out of characters intended for writing, and the words that form the image will also reflect something about that image. an example is henohenomoheji, if you look it up. but meanwhile, i love the museician.

i also love the scorpion, and you should definitely do the peppermints. do it to it, camille.
glad i could turn you on, tom. and i -will- do the peppermints, so have no fear.
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