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Friday, August 03, 2007


Under the Sea.

I have a veritable mountain of art just exploding to be seen, so I begin my quest. Slowly but surely I will group together my doodles and exhibit them in sets according to theme. One reoccuring fascination of mine is the merperson. It will be subject of my first group. Enjoy or ignore.

^I think I did this mer-couple about ... 4 or 5 years ago.

^About the same time that I did this Carousel seahorse. or merhorse.

The ears of this melancholy mermaid remind me of a selkie, but she is a mermaid, nonetheless.
Again, from several years ago.

Now this warrior merman is much more recent. From spring 2007. Next we have a closer view of his fin and tail, of which I am proud. I like the details.

This mermaid shedding her skin by moonlight was created in Autumn 2005, I think.
I really like her alot, and keep her in my nice three ring binder :).

The next one is one more of the earlier mermaids. Early in a relative sense, because I've been drawing mermaids since I was about 2.. She's from about 4 years ago. I like the way she's stretched out...
She has some friends to keep her company on a page of tattoo ideas from my nice three ring binder.
Well, that's it! I do love a good merthing, as you can see. So I hope you do too!


These are really beautiful! My favorite is the Selkie looking mermaid.
thanks, i appreciate that :) i love mermaids. i have a mermaid tattoo on my leg that i should probably take a picture of.
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