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Thursday, October 25, 2007


the saddest story ever told

here's a cover i did of a magnetic fields song during the summer.

the saddest story ever told (mp3 / 1.1MB)

some peculiarities:
~guitar track
~violin track (four)
~bass guitar track

as for the drums, i used a practice pad, a piece of wood, a belt, and a tin cup. i tried this organic approach that i've heard fellow cadets do before and was inspired by. if it's not too grating a sound for you, i think it sounds pretty cool at points.

i also like my bassline, but i'm not one to brag.

i miss you, cadets. it's come to my attention that you couldn't upload stuff for a while. it's been fixed. party!!

also, major ups to ART PARTY events happening in new orleans again!!

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