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Thursday, November 01, 2007


the one free thing in japan (for limited time only)

shibuya, tokyo.

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Free hugs can also be found in Philladelphia's Love Park. Thought I would throw that out there before people book flights to Japan. Although the superman costume is a nice touch and might make up for the price of airfare.
yeah, i think it's an international movement. we hug eachother a lot in america, but you generally don't touch people unless you need to in japan. i stared at this man for maybe 20 minutes, and he gave away maybe five hugs. out of the tens of thousands (this is right in front of the most busy crosswalk in the world) crossing his path. it was sad.
That is really sad. Great shot by the way. I meant to say that in the first comment. What brought you to Japan?
that girl's face is priceless
I need a hug.
there was actually a boy walking around in a superman costume on my campus just the other day (november 5, 2007.)
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