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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Name that Quote. Ten Points or More, I Swear it.

how nice to feel happy again.
this time cold fingers don't clench a fading heart.
there is heat in the smiles
of my rebellious compatriots.
they are young, strung and pretty.
and though i used to feel shitty,
it takes but a short time
to unburden my soul.
"torture comes and torture goes"
but what one must do is
outlive the woes,
and hold on to some glorious,
sliver of hope.
i know it can feel so pointless
to look towards the glowing dawn,
but we must.
and give our trust
to the ones who help us to
our feet
when the night is black
and we trip over our own tongues.
trading beers for tears,
songs for longing sighs.
so like i said,
it's cold out,
but there's a dr. pepper on the table,
and anna's reading fables,
and i'm feeling more than able
to carry on.

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this is camille i became buddy ol' buddy pals with.
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