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Saturday, December 02, 2006


A poem

Kind of sad/self-analytical. I wrote it over a few days adding lines at sporadic moments of interest. Havn't been able to commit anything of worth to audio documentation in the last week so I decided to post this.

What Am I?

A timely conduit for inspiration.
A bottomless well of philosophy.
Approximately twenty-one years of memes.
The intermediary variable in a randomly generated equation.
A minor footnote in the history of a shit-box delta hub.
Going to hell.
A host and a parasite.
A blurry-edged rectangle of colors.
Explainable but unjustified.
Carbon, calcium, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen.
The summation of an innumerable amount of decisions.
Four or five breaths short of panic.
Perpetually swinging between dread and content.
Creaky, apathetic wavelength.
An obsessive torrent of regurgitated concepts,
Layered upon one another in a house-of-cards dependency,
Frustratingly encrypted within itself,
Operating forever in service of an ambiguous pursuit.
A broken old phonograph skipping along a slow, whiskey-voiced ballad.
Eclipsed by an astral grid of varyingly accurate perceptions.
Forever at the mercy of affectionate whims.
The inadvertent legacy of assorted idols.
A structure of icons and metaphors.
A hobby of protein.
A string of relative realizations.
Zooming out.

I think it would be stronger if you shortened it to only your favorite phrases and the most important ones. My personal favorite is "hobby of protein."
there are some really great descriptions in here. i really like "Four or five breaths short of panic" and "Going to hell." funny but serious, it's good.
this spoke to me as truth, solid, blunt truth. very good.
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